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list of the latest music programs
program name description zipped size ftp
IT2MIDI v1.50 NEW!!! many bugs was fixed 27K directly
IT2MIDI v1.10 converter Last version of IT2MIDI converter. More bug fixed. Enjoy... 43K directly, http1, http2
IT2MIDI v1.0 (beta) converter IT2MIDI converter allow you to converts Impulse tracker (IT) file in standard MIDI file format 0. IT files of v.2.14 (all samples are packed by the internal archiver of Impulse Tracker) in the given version of IT2MIDI there is no support of IT2.14 module files (when you save your module in Impulse Tracker, choose option save
as IT2.xx format). About  envelopes and instrument modt module you may to forget before IT2MIDI 1.01.

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